Automatic boom arm barriers for any traffic situation

A microcontroller in our arm barrier cabinets ensure that the automatic boom arm barrier installation is easily connected to home automation systems or other building management systems with corresponding software. In addition, we equip our automatic arm barriers with a magnetic motor protection switch. This switch guarantees the longevity of the automatic arm barrier by preventing the motor from slipping.

Our arm barrier cabinets are made from steel plates that we fold and weld. All of our arm barrier cabinets have an access door and removable lid. The cabinets are blasted, metalized and finished with thermally hardened epoxy coating. We manufacture the barrier arms from strong aluminum.

We offer an automatic arm barrier systems for every traffic situation. Below you will find our different automatic arm barriers. All with their own pros, but always fully customized to your specifications.

If you have any questions about our automatic boom arm barriers, feel free to contact us.