Bi-folding speedgate with ground track

A speedgate with ground track is guided by a u-rail incorporated into the road surface. Ground work is required in advance to install this rail. The rail must be maintained and emptied on a regular basis to maintain the smooth movement of the speedgate.

An speedgate with ground track is a popular choice for industrial areas, business parks or other high-security locations.

Because the speedgate's rail is incorporated into the road surface, the top of the speedgate remains free. This allows for the installation of various overclimb protection devices on the wing.

We manufacture the speedgates with ground track completely to measure in Nieuwerkerken. Our speedgates are delivered ready for installation.

Contact us if you have any questions about our speedgates with ground track.

Dimensions double bi-folding speed gate

Width:                4m to 12m

Height:               2m to 4m

Dimensions single bi-folding speed gate

Width:                2m to 6m

Height:               2m to 4m

Some gate heights are not available at all widths.