Bi-folding speedgates: for areas with heavy traffic and high security requirements

A bi-folding speedgate is the fastest solution to open and close a passageway. In addition, a bi-folding speedgate offers the same security as a sliding gate. Therefore, bi-folding speedgates are often used for areas with busy traffic flows that require more stringent security than an arm barrier offers.

Our bi-folding speedgates have an opening speed of 0.8 to 1.2m/s. The opening speed of the speedgate depends on the wing width. A single bi-folding speedgate of ours has a maximum wing width of up to 6m.. For a double bi-folding speedgate this is 12m.

Our bi-folding speedgates are secured with a master/slave photocell curtain. This photocell curtain ensures that the bi-folding speedgate only closes when the vehicle has driven completely through the bi-folding speedgate. As an added precaution, contact strips are installed on the bi-folding speedgate wing. If these contact strips come into contact with anything too narrow to be detected by the photocell curtain m/s the bi-folding speedgate's movement will be immediately reversed.

Our speedgates are available with:

  • Bi-folding speedgate with ground track: in case of lack of space for top guide. For this type of speedgate earthworks are used.
  • Bi-folding speedgate with overhead track: when a height restriction is needed or in parking garages.
  • Trackless bi-folding speedgate: guidance by means of rods. No groundwork is required with this speed gate. The passage remains completely clear at the top and bottom.

Our speed gates are optionally equipped with:

  • Upper or lower catch
  • Signalisation
  • LED traffic light
  • Security comb
  • Polyester coating in different colors

Below you will find more information about our different bi-folding speedgates. Would you like more information? Please contact us.